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Buon Natale!

I wish all of you and your friends and family a merry merry christmas from out here in rome. Have a beautiful christmas with your friends and family! See you next year! Best, Jakob

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I am a flick addict.

My passion for movies started back in the December of 1986. At the age of four, my dad took me to see Disney's The Great Mouse Detective in a cinema. Seeing an animated mouse on a big screen was more then fun, it was a groundbreaking experience for me. I became a flick addict that day. (more…)

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Curse Of The Golden Flower (english review).

Now that director Zhang Yimou had international success with his previous movies Hero and House Of The Flying Daggers, he was able to win old Asian actor stars for his newest production: Gong Li, who we have last seen next to Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in the Miami Vice movie as well as Chow Yun Fat, who is known for his roles in John Woo‘s classic action movies ...

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