Review: Deaden.

Deaden tells the story of Rayne, whose wife and unborn child get brutally murdered after his gangster-friends find out that he is an undercover cop. The first ten minutes of the movie show straight away one of the bloodiest, most disgusting scenes ever. It’s like watching the horrible scenes in Gaspar Noé’s „Irreversible“ again, you want to look away, but you have to see the scenes, as they explain the yet-to-come amok run of Rayne: His wife not only gets raped and abused with a baseball bat, but the gangsters also ‘abort’ the baby she is expecting in a quite insane way. And Rayne? He is not only forced to watch his wife die, no, he also gets beaten up and tortured – before they shoot a arrow in his head (damn cool joke) and throw him in the river. But he survives! And after he gets some treatment in a hospital he’s soon back on the street, paying these sons of bitches back for their crimes… Neither director Christian Viel nor main actor John Fallon made a secret out of their script and intentions: In some interviews they clearly stated that the 2004 remake of “The Punisher” was too […]

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Clapton live in Shanghai.

I don’t remember the exact year, but it must have been at least four or five years ago. Billy Crystal was the host of the academy awards that year and a hilarious clip was shown before the show or as advertisement: Billy Crystal goes to the cinema, buys a popcorn, goes to his theatre, sits down, watches the commercials and as soon as the movie begins, he pulls up a tripod with a camcorder attached to capture the movie…. What the hell has this to do with Eric Clapton, you ask?


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