Japanese-style prints for free.

Posted on 2007/01/18

Japanese Foliage

Jason Gaylor from ‘Designfruit‘ has posted some really gorgeous brushes, Japanese style. Okay, Japan is not China, but near enough. Anyway, grab them here while you can. He only charges money for the vector art, but for only 12.99$, that is little money considering the high quality. A dream for lazy web-designers like myself!

3 Replies to "Japanese-style prints for free."

  • Egi L
    2008/01/06 (3:31 am)

    you’ve great brushes . . .

  • Jakob Montrasio
    2007/01/19 (7:34 am)

    Hm. I can’t open that link here in China at the moment. Probably because they are still fixing the internet lines – will try again later.

  • Antonia
    2007/01/19 (1:46 am)

    Would a lazy web designer like yourself be interested in a quick web design project for a jewelry business? Ck out the current site http://www.diadiii.com and let me know if you could fancy it up with your sweet and lazy bones…

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