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Jiajia & Jakob in Shanghai, Episode 2. I shot this short with my wife last year. I like the music, it was used in one of the BMW - The Hire shorts, the one directed by Wong Kar-Wei. Posted it just in case you haven't seen it yet. You can subscribe to my China video-podcast here.

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Damn you, earthquake!

That earthquake in Taiwan really makes my life a living hell: Just take a look at that loading bar. Horrible! Hell feels exactly like this, I guess. On the 'bright' side, the full speed should be back in two weeks. According to some China Telecom press release or something. I hope they tell the truth, as I am unable to work on my websites with full power... ...

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這是第二次飛往� 歐洲的家,但是目的地不同,原� 不同,身份不同;意大利,聖誕节, � 深情地说太太好! 我輕輕偎在� 的肩上,望著� 溫柔的眼眸,在幾千公裡的顛簸中繼續著和� 夢中的對話... (more…)

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