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Posted on 2007/02/04

Windows Vista on Jin Mao Tower

I could not belive my eyes when we left the “Banana Leaf” restaurant in Shanghai’s Pudong district yesterday – there was a huge advertising on the 421 meter high Jin Mao Tower! On one of the biggest skyscrapers in Asia! Yes, it makes absolutely sense to advertise like that in the country where you can buy a copy of Vista for about one dollar. Whatever Microsoft!

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  • Jakob Montrasio’s Net. » Blog Archive » Nobody gives a damn about Creative Commons anymore.
    2007/02/06 (3:04 pm)

    […] So, when I uploaded my Microsoft Vista ad on the Jin Mao tower image to flickr, I was hoping that it would make the round on the internet. I support the free use of images, this is why I give my images almost always a ‘Attribution-ShareAlike‘ license. I like my fifteen minutes of fame now and then, this is why I choose this license – it says ‘You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor’. That means, correct me if I am wrong, add my damn name to it. Or link to my flickr image. Or to my blog. Just do something so the visitors understand who shot the damn image! And what do I see today? My image did make the round, it was even posted on the great site that Gizmodo is. But what do these guys do? They link to Shanghaiist, who found the image in the first place. No link to my original post, no link to my original flickr image, not even my name. Gizmodo even copied the 1$ joke from me. So, my snapshot manages to go onto one of the best gadget guides in the internet, to a website where you’d think they actually give a damn about licenses and internet copyright, but no, nothing. This is not someone crying for being mentioned more often, I am writing this to remind people that ‘free’ content on the net should at least be linked fairly. So please, do give a damn about Creative Commons! Bookmark to: […]

  • Jakob Montrasio
    2007/02/05 (7:47 am)

    I don’t mind at all, for this reason I always upload images and give them a cc licence…

  • ??
    2007/02/05 (1:18 am)

    clever MS, and clever snap :O
    btw, ive put a link to your image on my blog, hope you wouldn’t mind :P

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