Dead Man’s Chest on TV.

Dead Man's Chest on chinese TV

Dead Man's Chest on chinese TV

Dead Man's Chest on chinese TV

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest during the spring festival – it was shown on “Shaanxi Movie Channel 4”. In english, with a sound that seemed to be from a screener. The image quality was superb, after all, the DVD is out already. The movie was running on regular TV with chinese subtitles, I saw it on the television from my parents in law in Xi’An, Shaanxi province. Look at the pictures, I shot them during the scene in the bar where they are trying to recruit 99 people for that octopus dude. I wonder how much the TV station paid for the screening rights…

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1 thought on “Dead Man’s Chest on TV.

  1. Maybe 7 RMB for the DVD?
    I don’t know. In my eyes both directions are actually impossible. Showing it without screening rights off a pirated DVD or the filmmakers allowing them to screen it on local TV already…


    P.S.: Hope you enjoy ur time in Xi’an with your wife!

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