(Fake) wedding pictures.

Taking pictures

Following the chinese tradition, we had a couple of wedding images taken yesterday. Funny, in China you have to shoot these pictures before and not during the wedding ceremony. They will give us three books, some framed images, invitations and whatnot for the money we pay them. Anyway, it was a long day, a long shoot, and after changing six times our energy was literally gone. And we don’t even know if it was worth it, as the ‘real’ professional pictures will only be finished in three weeks… Damn. However, I took my D50 and shot myself as many pictures as possible. I will post the ‘real’ ones later on, for now, enjoy my unprofessional ones. You can view them all in this flickr set.

Jiajia in a wedding dress in the park

Don Jakob

Jiajia in a sexy red dress

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