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MOMENT #00001.

Hutai road and Xinhu road. April 30th, morning, rainy.

1 The Truman Show comes alive.

I wanted to write something about this guy Justin since weeks. So he lives in San Francisco and he has a mobile web-cam that he never turns off. He is live 24 hours a day. On the internet. Via live-stream. On the domain I guess he hooked up his web-cam to his notebook which is hooked up to the net via UMTS or something. It’s insane, it’s new, and it’s more than fascinating. He’s doing this since over a month now, in the beginning he became the target of pranks, some people send once the police and once reported an fire in his apartment. These days he hit the news on blogs once again, as he is getting evicted without any real reason. I guess his landlords don’t like his tv-station and all the attention that he draws to his surroundings. Like we say in Germany: Maybe they have some bodies lying around in the basement, who knows. Anyway, if you didn’t know him yet… Hope now you’re interested. And good luck retrieving the live stream, it’s often full and requires a lot of refreshes. Don’t give up!


AOL could be chinese.

Yahoo! versus AOL Beta 3

Funny. I just saw ‘New Beta Rips Off Yahoo! Home Page‘ on digg (but TechChrunch reported first) and it’s so true! Seems like AOL is yet another Microsoft and can’t figure out to make their own design, see Windows Live aka MSN and Google. Well, better a good copy then a horrible redesign, I guess. Like all the chinese Web 2.0 sites copy the abroad ones at the moment (just look at Tudou). Anyway, you can visit Yahoo! here and the new AOL Beta 3 here.


Jin Mao Tower & World Financial Center: Vertical Panoramas.

ChinaNext Entry #3

So when I went to Lujiazui yesterday to take some new Pudong pictures for the ChinaNext competition, all of a sudden an idea flew to my head: Why not create a vertical panorama of the beautiful Jin Mao tower? So I took five images at full zoom and stitched them together in Photoshop CS3, which has a new and goddamn hard rocking Photomerging function. Do you like the result?

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My ChinaNext entries.


What is ChinaNext?

China’s Future. A photography competition raising money for Shanghai’s underprivileged students. The winning photographs will be printed, framed and then sold at auction for charity during the event. The Shanghai Flickr Meetup group is organizing a charity auction event. Flickr members submit their digital photographs under the theme “China Next: China’s Future” as seen by the photographer.

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Gates’ speech in Beijing crashed by protester.

Free software, Open source

An unidentified demonstrator flashes a sign reading “Free software, Open source” as he rushes across the stage following a speech by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates — standing in the middle of teh group at the rear — in Beijing. (Associated Press Photo/Elizabeth Dalziel) (April 20, 2007)

‘Poor’ Bill Gates. He gives a speech at a Beijing university, only to be interrupted by a protester. Was he trying to promote Vista? The sales need clearly some help.