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Saturday: Moving to Pudong.


Yes, my life is in little boxes at the moment. We’re moving to our new apartment on saturday, and we managed to finish packing two days in advance. Thank god I have that german will to be best prepared. For a time I even wanted to put ‘I’m not handicapped, I’m german!’ into the header, but I guess that’d be too much. Anyways, the only things still standing now are our bed, obviously, and my computer. The rest is packed, except for toothbrushes and small stuff like that. It was no pleasure packing in the Shanghaian heat, but what can you do… On the bright side, our new apartment simply rocks. But more about that later. When I have pictures. Until monday or so, I’m out. Hope I got the ADSL by then.


Twitter blocked in China?


Twitter not found

This is exactly what Safari looks like when you try to open Wikipedia or, in the past, Now this shows up when I try to open Twitter. I just wrote something on Twitter, then BAM! gone. Hope they’re not blocking everybody’s new web 2.0 darling now, too! They already killed and are forcing everyone to go to…


Remembering The Lost Boys.

On mornings like today, I wish there’d be no internet. Then I’d have no RSS feed reader, I wouldn’t have a subscription to’s Arrow In The Head, and I wouldn’t have seen a new post called ‘Lost Boys 2 begins to hire‘. They are seriously going to make a sequel now? After 20 years? Are they insane? Editor Eric Walkuski has this to say:

‘I don’t know how I feel about the straight-to-DVD LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE. Alright, I do know: I think it’s gonna be more THE COVENANT than the original THE LOST BOYS, which is a flick I grew up with and still love to this day. I have the feeling LB2 will have none of the spirit or fun of the first one, and will be by-the-numbers obnoxiousness, starring an army of young actors we couldn’t give two flips about.’

That’s true! It will have nothing to do with the old The Lost Boys, but still the studio decided to give it the name. Why? Because it sells better. But making a sequel after 20 years means, that the real fans, the biggest group probably, are well over 30 years old. Old enough to understand what a rape this is, old enough to be angry at this obviously sole purpose of money-making crap movie. Why don’t they give it a own name, release it not attached to the Lost Boys? I’ll never understand Hollywood… To cheer you up, here’s Lou Gramm with ‘Lost In The Shadows’.


Welcome to the new blog.

It’s over. And it begins.

The Blog-WG gets shut down. Jakob Montrasio’s Net goes full power.

Janitor and landlord Jérôme told us old members, that we have until June to move out.

I can easily understand that, looking at the Blog-WG’s RSS feed indicated that nobody is blogging seriously anymore.

I blogged less and less, too. It’s a pity anyway. It was a beautiful time! I will always remember it, in the beginning I planed to blog there just for two months, but now it have been almost two years… I found the love of my life, I am living in Shanghai, moving my apartment for the third time soon, …

Don’t cry though! I got another Blog – this one! I’ll continue to blog sense and stupidity here, but from now on in english only. Almost all old posts from my old blog can now be found here, you can find them easily by searching or by going through the sitemap.

Anyway, it’s time to delete Jiajia & Jakobs WG-Zimmer from your Favorites / RSS readers. Instead, add this, my new blog: A RSS feed is also available:

Thanks again, Ben & Jérôme, and all the other WG-members. It was an honor for me to blog with you.


Chongqing Taxi Driver.

I always thought the worst taxi drivers are in Shanghai, but it seems that the ones in Chongqing are quite deadly, too.

The video is of course taken from the chinese movie 门 – The Door, a very cool psycho horror flick that tells the story about a guy in Chongqing who goes nuts. Interesting, last year’s smash hit CRAZY STONE is from Chongqing, too. Is that the chinese Hollywood, or what? Anyway, The Door rocks, so buy a copy the next time you pass a DVD store and support it. Except you’re chinese, it looks like foreigners enjoy this movie much more…