Chongqing Taxi Driver.

I always thought the worst taxi drivers are in Shanghai, but it seems that the ones in Chongqing are quite deadly, too.

The video is of course taken from the chinese movie 门 – The Door, a very cool psycho horror flick that tells the story about a guy in Chongqing who goes nuts. Interesting, last year’s smash hit CRAZY STONE is from Chongqing, too. Is that the chinese Hollywood, or what? Anyway, The Door rocks, so buy a copy the next time you pass a DVD store and support it. Except you’re chinese, it looks like foreigners enjoy this movie much more…

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Jakob Montrasio

Moved to Shanghai in 2k5. Opened a company, wrote film scripts, shot first feature. Now in Germany with wife and daughter.

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1 thought on “Chongqing Taxi Driver.

  1. Hi
    I’ve just arrived from Shanghai and found out that I’ll never complain about bad drivers in Brazil again :O. Seems that ‘brake’ is an unknown word in China!

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