Twitter blocked in China?

Posted on 2007/05/14


Twitter not found

This is exactly what Safari looks like when you try to open Wikipedia or, in the past, Now this shows up when I try to open Twitter. I just wrote something on Twitter, then BAM! gone. Hope they’re not blocking everybody’s new web 2.0 darling now, too! They already killed and are forcing everyone to go to…

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  • PandaPassport
    2007/05/19 (10:28 am)

    Twitter seems to be working for me. The site shows up at least. I haven’t brought myself to start using the service as yet. There are only so many 2.0 services I can bring myself to join.

    I really like though…

    It seems as though the Net-Nanny is relaxing a little more these days — blogger is fine, livejournal is fine.

    When they allow wikipedia I’ll be impressed.

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