Top 25 Cities with skyscrapers.

German magazine “Spiegel” has published a list of 25 cities – ordered by the amount of skyscraper they have. It’s a quite interesting list and it even has some surprises. Shanghai will, of course, sooner or later rise to No. 1 – don’t worry! Here we go:

Hongkong by AP

No. 1: Hongkong, China! 7422 skyscrapers.

No. 2: New York City, USA! 5445 skyscrapers.

No. 3: Singapore! 3503 skyscrapers. 4 million people.

(Hongkong photo by Associated Press)

No. 4: São Paulo, Brazil. 3012 skyscrapers. 10 million people.

No. 5: Seoul, Korea. 2831 skyscrapers.

No. 6: Istanbul, Turkey. 2093 skyscrapers. Over 10 million people.

No. 7: Tokyo, Japan. 2074 skyscrapers. 12 million people.

No. 8: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 1925 skyscrapers. 6 million people.

No. 9: Toronto, Canada. 1612 skyscrapers.

No. 10: Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1438 skyscrapers.

No. 11: London, UK. 1295 skyscrapers.

No. 12: Chicago, USA. 1040 skyscrapers.

No. 13: Sydney, Australia. 804 skyscrapers.

No. 14: Osaka, Japan. 740 skyscrapers.

No. 15: Mexico City, Mexico. 722 skyscrapers.

No. 16: Bangkok, Thailand. 710 skyscrapers.

No. 17: Caracas, Venezuela. 670 skyscrapers. 5.1 million people.

No. 18: Madrid, Spain. 651 skyscrapers. 3 million people.

No. 19: Milan, Italy. 646 skyscrapers. 4 million people.

No. 20: Curitiba, Brazil. No information how many skyscrapers. 1.7 million people?

No. 21: SHANGHAI! CHINA! 549 skyscrapers! And over 300 more under construction at the moment!

No. 22: Mumbai, India (Maharashtra). 529 skyscrapers. 11 million people.

No. 23: Vancouver, Canada. 520 skyscrapers.

No. 24: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 517 skyscrapers.

No. 25: Moscow, Russia. 456 skyscrapers.

Okay, it’s difficult to believe some of the stuff they wrote – for example Curitiba in Brazil, where they didn’t even wrote how many skyscrapers there are. They wrote that the sources for the information were Emporis, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and others, but come on, Shanghai on 21? And where the hell is Chongqing? Seems half-belivable to me, this list.

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5 thoughts on “Top 25 Cities with skyscrapers.

  1. Although Curitiba may not be very big nor famous, it has, for it`s 2 million inhabitants a considerable number os skyscrapers.

  2. I don’t like Skyscrapers. It cut my skybox into pieces, and the glass curtain wall makes me crazy.

    Not to tall, 15 floors are great.

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