Posted on 2007/08/17

That’s a nice answer to YouTube and flickr: Mix these! With ANIMOTO, you can take pictures from your flickr account and animate them with music. You can choose music from ANIMOTO’s library or upload your own mp3. ANIMOTO analyzes the pictures and music and creates you a cool video out of it.

Now to the downside: You can only creat free videos that are 30 seconds long. For 3$, you can create a ‘full-length’ video, which means more then even 10 minutes, I guess. Actually, I wanted to invest the 3$ to try it out, but you can only pay with Google and for their service you need a credit card which I don’t have. Why can’t I choose to pay with PayPal, damn it!

Above is a 30 second clip I made with the site. Pretty nice…

2 Replies to "ANIMOTO: Sweet!"

  • Jakob Montrasio
    2007/08/20 (9:46 am)

    Hi ugod!

    Also ne Software die das so stylish macht wie ANIMOTOT habe ich noch nicht gesehen.
    Aber es gibt viele Plugins fr Programme wie iPhoto oder ACDSee die so hnliche Resultate liefern. Goole doch einfach mal nach Bild Export Plugins! :)


  • ugod
    2007/08/20 (6:41 am)

    hi jakob hello jiajia.

    sehr nice das animoto.
    kennst du ne software die wie animoto videos aus fotos macht?
    automatisch versteht sich. keine lust mit premiere oder sowas ewig rumzufummeln.

    gru ugod

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