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My first driving lesson in China!

Driving license in ChinaLast sunday was the ‘premiere’: I had my very first driving lesson in Shanghai’s Xuhui district, near Caobao road line one subway station. The license costs me about 4000 kuai and it will take ‘at least’ 3 months to get it, as the teacher said. No driving this christmas, too bad! Anyways, I had my Nokia N93i with me and decided spontaneously to document this driving license project as a vblog or video podcast for my other big website, So waste no time and head over to to see what the first day was like. Since I speak german in the video, here are some facts: I have to take lessons once a week for three months. Taking more lessons every week wont speed that up. I will have to learn on a backyard for two months, only then I am allowed on a real street for the first time. We have to practice certain ‘moves’ over and over again, because we will have to do exactly these in the final test. So for the next two months, we are going to practice parking the car and other stuff in the mentioned backyard. Boring! Usually, we have to show up at the backyard at 9 in the morning and stay there until 5 in the afternoon, but we had a talk with our teacher and now we just need to spend the afternoon there. And the reason for that is because we share the car with two more people, and every 20 minutes or so we change the driver. Waste of time! So we told the teacher to teach the other two people in the morning and us in the afternoon. I really don’t want to spend the next three months every weekend in the back of a car, not driving myself for over one hour every time. That’s just stupid. Tomorrow we have our next lesson, expect the next episode next week or so.


Zhu and Gou: Almost done.


This is a graphical view on the contents of the ZHU AND GOU DVD that I am currently producing. Regular users of the software will immediately recognize that I am using Apple’s DVD Studio Pro to create my wedding movie DVD. Anyway, all the content is created and encoded, the only thing that we are still working on are the subtitles. There will be german, english and chinese subtitles. Since most of the talking is in german, I am doing those first, then translating them to english, then my wife will translate to chinese on the basis of the english ones. What a project! The movie is 1 hour and 10 minutes long, I edited with Final Cut Pro, I had about 16 hours of material available (it was no fun to go through all that, believe me), taken with 4 different cameras so I had to use a lot of color correcting plugins. I even had to widescreen the whole movie since one camera recorded in 16:9. You gotta have patience, I think i watched more at the rendering loading then actual video…

So, dear friends who are waiting for the DVD, it will reach you soon. Stay tuned for more soon.