Shanghai Transformers Police?

Posted on 2008/02/21

Chinese Transformers Police.

When we drove back from Wuzhen to Shanghai in January, we encountered the above posted police car. The first time it passed us by, I was like ‘wtf?’, that can’t really be a police car. But then I noticed the siren on top of the car as well as the white licence plate – and got really angry that I didn’t take a picture. But our cool driver wanted to get back home quickly or something and passed them a minute later. I was hoping that this would happen and had my camera ready this time.

‘Police 1865’ it says together with the Transformers logo. I wonder if these guys are just big fans or if their unit really uses that famous symbol as their logo?

Maybe they are trying to catch Edison Chen…

2 Replies to "Shanghai Transformers Police?"

  • ugod
    2008/02/21 (5:43 pm)

    lol, very nice.
    hope optimus prime doesn’t come out of it.

  • Hongkong - Hong Kong
    2008/02/21 (5:25 pm)

    Polizei von Shanghai von den Transformers unterwandert? Transformers Logo auf Polizeiauto…

    Bei Jakob habe ich heute folgendes hochinteressantes Bild gefunden. Darauf zu sehen ist ein Streifenwagen der Shanghaier Polizei, auf dem……

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