iPhone Wallpaper: My Contribution.

Posted on 2008/02/28

I took personal favorites out of my 200 most popular flickr pictures and converted them into the iPhone accepted wallpaper size of 320 to 480 pixels.

Feel free to modify them or whatever, they are all with a creative commons license.

Enjoy these free iPhone wallpapers:

Rain And Advertising iPhone Wallpaper

Oriental Pearl TV Tower Shanghai China iPhone Wallpaper

Puxi iPhone Wallpaper

Night Time Is The Right Time iPhone Wallpaper

Blurred Shanghai Traffic iPhone Wallpaper

Rome Christmas Colosseum iPhone Wallpaper

Shopping Street Nanjing Lu HDR iPhone Wallpaper

HDR Tower iPhone Wallpaper

Pudong Bund iPhone Wallpaper

Hangzhou HDR Pagoda iPhone Wallpaper

Beautiful HDR Skyscrapers iPhone Wallpaper

Old Shanghai Skyscraper iPhone Wallpaper

Two Asian Brothers iPhone Wallpaper

Unfinished Business iPhone Wallpaper HDR Shanghai Pudong

Beautiful HDR Garden iPhone Wallpaper

HDR Zen iPhone Wallpaper

HDR Tea Mountain Pagoda iPhone Wallpaper

Ray Of Light On Lake iPhone Wallpaper

Forbidden City Beijing Hengdian HDR iPhone Wallpaper

Mountain Path HDR iPhone Wallpaper

Sanya Hainan Beach iPhone Wallpaper

That’s it for now. If I can ever afford an iPhone myself, I’ll probably make more.

I can’t even test them… *cry*

4 Replies to "iPhone Wallpaper: My Contribution."

  • Philip
    2009/05/25 (12:10 pm)

    Hey are some of those pictures like architectural concepts, cuz some of the buildings look fake to me? Nonetheless, they are still great. I think I saw a couple of them already on http://www.idesigniphone.com

  • Sandi
    2008/04/18 (12:25 pm)

    I got another iphone wallpapers from http://www.freemobilecontents.com

  • Jakob Montrasio
    2008/02/28 (9:47 pm)

    A zip file…
    Why not!
    I’ll add it when I put the next bunch online…

  • Ben
    2008/02/28 (8:49 pm)

    Nice work and collection :-)
    Can you make a .zip of them for the lazy ones of us?

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