Lights. Taken with my new Tamron lens.

Posted on 2008/03/13

So, a 300mm lens is finally mine. Actually, it’s a 70mm – 300mm lens from Tamron. Now my Nikon D50 can take pictures of things faaar away!

The lens was quite cheap, just a bit more than 1000 kuai is what I had to pay. I also bought an Kenko circular polar filter which gives me the ability to remove or enhance reflections and also influence the color of the sky. It’s awesome too and I can’t wait to try it out.

The weather in Shanghai is getting better, meaning warmer, but these days it’s too cloudy or smoggy for serious photography – got to wait for now.

More to come soon!

Lights., originally uploaded by Montrasio International.

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  • Ryan
    2008/03/13 (7:02 pm)

    I envy the camera man. I’m dying for a sweet digital SLR – and have been for FAR too long.

    Great shot.

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