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综述: cj7 。

周星驰获得国际歌迷与他的上两部影片,分别是少林足球和功夫-尤其是十几岁的歌迷和人民在二十多岁。 cj7是他企图获得更年轻的观众,因为它的确是一个儿童电影-真是非常可惜! 被残酷地诚实, cj7是议员的更加疯狂的解释,迪士尼的blubber或flubber或其他任何名义表示,罗宾...

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Office Speedtest.

Yeah, that's about four times faster than at home: Now I spend more time working and less time downloading - great! I'll blog some more about our new office next week. Too busy with other stuff these days...

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BlogBackupr: Awesome!

There's a new web 2.0 service in town: BlogBackupr! It's, as the name tells, a blog backup service. For free, daily backups! Currently, WordPress as well as are supported. All you need to do is register, put in the address of you blog and then give it the admin credentials, so it can perform backups. It's still in the beta phase, and that has a good ...

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