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China University Horror: Gamble For Your Future.

My wife's cousin from Xi'An arrived yesterday. She's with us for a couple of days to brush up her english. My wife told me in the beginning that this will help her to get into a Hong Kong university. But by now I've found out much more about this topic, and it's really scary what's going on. In Europe, or at least Germany, you kind of have two years to prove how good ...

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Terrorism in China?

Going through my RSS feeds, I just saw the article "Turkestan Islamic Party takes credit for Shanghai and Kunming bus blasts, and warns of more to come; China denies claims" published on Shanghaiist. (...) this latest video issued by a certain Turkestan Islamic Party (...) sent a tingle down our spine. In it, a Commander Seyfullah claims credit for the following, ...

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How Sinico S.p.A. and a chinese friend cheated me.

I was comfortable moving to Shanghai in 2005 because I knew I had work there. Selling machines from Europe to China. Eventually, in 2006, we build up a partnership with the italian company Sinico S.p.A. - they produce tube processing automation machines. Machines, that cut long tubes in small parts and make them ready for use with operations such as facing and ...

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The growing Entrecard phenomenon.

I've been using the Entrecard service for half a year or so now, and I still think it's a cool way to advertise on other sites and to get advertised on by others. Especially, because some really big blogs added the service to their websites - it's not only small blogs in their portfolio, but also big ones. And now they've started to cooperate with SezWho, a comment...

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Grand Theft Auto IV sucks.

Yesterday night, I finally managed to finish the last mission. I'm now 70-something percent through the game, only having side missions and other stuff left. But I'm not gonna play that anymore. I am so damn bored from the game! I've played GTA. GTA II. GTA III. Vice City. San Andreas. I enjoyed them all, except San Andreas, and after reading some reviews of GTA 4 ...

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Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa.

I've got a little cold from all the heat, to be more precise: From all the air conditioners standing everywhere. It's not really healthy to have sudden temperature changes from over 20 degrees, but some people simply ignore this fact. Example: When I enter our office building, the temperature changes from 38° Celsius to 20° Celsius. Is that nuts or what? Anyway, so ...

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