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Just the two of us?

I tried for 45 minutes or so to come with some cool headline and text for this post but I just can't, so there you go, in your face: We're having a baby! Should be due February 2010, but we'll consult a doctor about a exact date soon. We're very excited!

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Shanghai Sideways.

Shanghai Sideways: On a Changjiang Motor Bike! from MK Media Productions on Discover Shanghai from a sideways look, seated in the side-car of a classic motorbike. Enjoy an incredible cruise through the city and avoid traffic jams. We make you feel the pulse of this fast changing city and take you from modern Shanghais futuristic ...

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Back from Hunan!

So I spend the last four days in Hunan (湖南) province, shooting some tea mountains near a city called Shimen. We flew from Shanghai's Hongqiao airport to Changsha (长沙), the capital of Hunan province. Mao Zedong is from that province and he's pretty much everywhere around there - on posters, paintings and even statues. From Changsha we drove 5 hours or so ...

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