“Nuit Blanche”

Once or twice per year I stumble upon a video or a film that captures me with it’s magic, that inspires me, that makes me want to become a filmmaker. Nuite Blanche is such a video.

I am speechless. This short deserves awards, lots of them. It’s perfectly smooth, everything about it is done well (the lighting! the costumes! the actors!) and it gives me goosebumps even the fourth time I watch it.

Well done, Mister Arev Manoukian, well done.


The Making Of. Now I’m even more blown away. Holy shit is this well produced.

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Jakob Montrasio

Moved to Shanghai in 2k5. Opened a company, wrote film scripts, shot first feature. Now in Germany with wife and daughter.

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2 thoughts on ““Nuit Blanche”

  1. I was also stunned by this, although i came to it from the CGI-perspective (check http://xpt.de)… but it’s not only the parts (Composition, music, characters, lighting, CGI) that are impressive, it’s the whole thing that counts – and this is a real masterpiece. In every respect.

    Mark told me about your site – I like! ;-)

  2. amazing !!! Lovin’ it !!
    Looking forward the next Montrasio’s production. I’m sure it will be even better than this one !

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