Scared of Shanghai?

  • 25.10.2009
  • Posted by Jakob Montrasio
Scared of Shanghai? HDR’d & bleached. Love the look.

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  1. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called SHANGHAI e x k l u s i v, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  2. Hi, I’m an admin for a group called DEUTSCHLAND / CHINA exklusiv, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  3. Flickr: Albatro55 12:15

    That’s really neat. I guess I never thought of taking color out of an HDR, but like you say, great look.

  4. Ryan 19:19

    I love that it feels like you’re at the top of a roller coaster. Truly fitting when it comes to Shanghai.

  5. Flickr: jdleung 04:17

    Shanghai? it’s really a different look.

  6. Flickr: taiwanjim 02:27

    Such a powerful shot. Great perspective.

  7. Flickr: pierre m 04:19

    Looks like science-fiction. The title is appropriate, by the way. Very impressive view, almost scaring. I like the grey-brown tones, it gives a metallic look to the entire city. Just a small spot of trees and grass are left on the lower right corner, but for how long?
    Congratulations for this brilliant picture!

  8. Flickr: photographynoob 04:26

    Love the bleach bypass look with this shot. Man, that’s fantastic. Saw it on

  9. Flickr: 偶遇 05:14


  10. Flickr: photogenic planet 08:37

    this is the best of the best if i could would double fave it
    unbeilable .angle /shot/eye/framing everything…
    home run.

  11. Flickr: bigggquestion 09:08

    is Shanghai???HO~~so good

  12. Flickr: racey tracey 11:18

    I love the futuristic look. It’s quite scary!

  13. Flickr: Thomas Merton 11:57

    This is magnificent.

  14. Excellent.

  15. Flickr: Sprengben 12:07

    So nice picture man!

  16. Flickr: 1D110 03:13


  17. frohe weihnachten wuensche ich dir und deiner lieben familie .

    komme gerade aus der kirche, dort fand ein deutschsprachiger gottesdienst statt.

    einfach super.

  18. Flickr: jasecampbell 10:04

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  19. blink 00:39

    That is awesome!

  20. Flickr: Desertlynx_x 08:35


  21. Flickr: ccpc2008 05:41

    Outstanding!!! Great detail

  22. Simply amazing Capture and processing!

  23. Flickr: Bw3200 08:15

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  26. Flickr: Professor Bop 01:50

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  27. Flickr: Professor Bop 01:50


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