Stairs UP!

Stairs Up.

That title is copyrighted by my wife. I couldn’t come UP with one. But I like stairs UP a lot, why not. It’s taken somewhere in Tribeca, New York City. Obviously, the camera was pointing UP. And I pushed the visual quality UP with Photoshop and other HDR software. Okay, it’s getting annoying with UP, right? I’ll tell you why I keep repeating it: We saw Pixar’s UP in 3D some days ago in a cinema near People’s Square. I was speechless. Not only are those new Dolby 3D glasses amazing and completely headache free, but also the movie itself – it was a masterpiece. I had a 15 minute long goose bump during the opening. The way the story is told, almost without dialogue… Unbelievable. Genius. 10 points. A+. This movie rocks. It’s fantastic, Pixar’s most sophisticated work to date. For everyone. Watch it! In 3D!