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Here are my most popular flickr photos. Below are my recent Instagram shots. Getty Images has my best work, though.

Crème de la crème.

Honeymooners in Rome

Honeymoon in Europe!

Being 25 years old, you usually don’t get a kick out of christmas anymore. Sure, it’s nice to have that one special day that you can spend with your family, but let’s be honest, it was way more fun when we were children and got presents.

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Dragons in Rome


é€™æ˜¯ç¬¬äºŒæ¬¡é£›å¾€ä½ æ­æ´²çš„å®¶ï¼Œä½†æ˜¯ç›®çš„åœ°ä¸åŒï¼ŒåŽŸå› ä¸åŒï¼Œèº«ä»½ä¸åŒï¼›æ„å¤§åˆ©ï¼Œè–èª•èŠ‚ï¼Œ ä½ æ·±æƒ…åœ°è¯´å¤ªå¤ªå¥½ï¼ æˆ‘è¼•è¼•åŽåœ¨ä½ çš„è‚©ä¸Šï¼Œæœ›è‘—ä½ æº«æŸ”çš„çœ¼çœ¸ï¼Œåœ¨å¹¾åƒå…¬è£¡çš„é¡›ç°¸ä¸­ç¹¼çºŒè‘—å’Œä½ å¤¢ä¸­çš„å°è©±ï¼Žï¼Žï¼Ž è½¬æœºå·´é»Žï¼Œç»ˆäºŽåˆ°è¾¾äº†ç½—é©¬ï¼Œé‚£é‡Œæœ‰çˆ±ä½ çš„å§‘å§‘è¿ŽæŽ¥æˆ‘ä»¬çš„åˆ°æ¥ã€‚åˆ°å®¶äº†ï¼Œç»ˆäºŽæ”¾ä¸‹è¡Œå›Šå¯ä»¥ä¼¸ä¸ªæ‡’è…°äº†ï¼Œæ…¢ç€ï¼Œä½ è¿«ä¸åŠå¾…åœ°å–‚æˆ‘åƒå§‘å§‘ç…®å¥½çš„å’–å•¡è®©æˆ‘æ‰“èµ·ç²¾ç¥žå°†ç”Ÿç‰©é’Ÿæ‹¨æ…¢å›žä¸ƒå°æ—¶ï¼Œç„¶åŽæ˜¯å„ç§æ„å¼ç”œç‚¹ï¼Œå·§å…‹åŠ›…

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