General photography

  • Portulan: Fotomodell


    Erstellung der Einstiegsseite, Optimierung von UX/UI, Gestaltung der Oberfläche, Erstellung von Messe-Flyer & Video in HD.

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    Anything but photos from China are in this set.

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    Super-high resolution Panoramas for your viewing pleasure.

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    Tilt Shift

    “Tilt Shift” is an effect to make real landscapes look like miniatures. It’s all about the blur!

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    China Prophecy: Shanghai

    In this set, you’ll find all the images that I’ve created during 2007-2009 for the ‘China Prophecy: Shanghai’ exhibition in The Skyscraper Museum in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Due to the limited space in the museum, only a dozen of images are showcased. You will find many ‘lost’ images here. The images are mostly […]

  • mt_1600_2


    Some of my photographic advertising work.

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    I lived in Shanghai from 2005 to 2011.