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My computer, my programs.

HDR 01 - My Desktop. Gotta clean it sometime...

Reading about other’s people computer and software is always fun, so why shouldn’t I share my system information and software with you? Maybe nothing in this entry is new to you, but maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know before. Maybe you recently switched to Mac system and you want to know about cool software? Who knows! Let’s get started. This is my setup, as in the picture above: I got a Apple PowerBook G4 with 17″ from 2005 (yeah, I don’t have the money to witch to a new system every year…), additionally I got a 250 Gigabyte sized external hard-drive from Maxtor, a Mighty Mouse, a Logitech headset for Skype and Sharp stereo boxes – for music, what else! What I do? I create web-sites (for fun, mostly), edit images, create video pod-casts and lots more.

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