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A day at the beach.

Or should I say fake beach? First, Jiajia could us a delicious chinese lunch with seven different dishes, then we walked it off by going to the "Big Beach" at the Bismarckbrücke nearby. Was such a beautiful day today, not a cloud in the sky, 100% summer. Fantastic!

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iPhone Wallpaper: My Contribution.

I took personal favorites out of my 200 most popular flickr pictures and converted them into the iPhone accepted wallpaper size of 320 to 480 pixels. Feel free to modify them or whatever, they are all with a creative commons license. Enjoy these free iPhone wallpapers: That's it for now. If I can ever afford an iPhone myself, I'll probably make ...

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Empty Beach.

Yeah, it was good to wait until the golden week in China was over. Sanya rocks! We're in a nice hotel with a nice beach at Yalong bay at the moment. Gotta go eat some fresh fish now. More pictures later - maybe! (more…)

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