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Morgenstund’ hat Frost im Mund 🌬

Instagram filter used: Normal Photo taken at: Sankt Ingbert station View in Instagram ⇒

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Feels, looks and smells like spring! 😌

Instagram filter used: Normal Photo taken at: Hotel Excelsior Ludwigshafen View in Instagram ⇒

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Babymatic: Emily Fan Montrasio

A babymatic of our daughter Emily Fan Montrasio. She was born in cold January 2010 in Shanghai, China, with a weight of 2750 grams and a length of 48 centimeter. A babymatic is a cinematic baby short film. If Vimeo is slow for you, try YouTube: If you are in China, you can see it on Tudou:

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Anji produces 12 million commercial bamboo poles annually, ranking first nationwide. It also has China's largest bamboo nursery. The Anji Bamboo Garden is acknowledged by scholars within and outside China as containing the widest variety of bamboo to be found. It was formerly a bamboo grove research base that combined scientific research with teaching, and has ...

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