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BlogBackupr: Awesome!

There's a new web 2.0 service in town: BlogBackupr! It's, as the name tells, a blog backup service. For free, daily backups! Currently, WordPress as well as Blogger.com are supported. All you need to do is register, put in the address of you blog and then give it the admin credentials, so it can perform backups. It's still in the beta phase, and that has a good ...

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Blog: Relaunch successful.

Here we go, after a good year using the old theme I switched to a new one - finally, the old one was really starting to get on my nerves. I'll never make a 2 sidebar-columns design again. When I start redesigning, I usually create a little something rough in Photoshop, which gives me the colors and the fonts I want to use. Then I start looking for prebuilt themes ...

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