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New HDR’s.

It’s been a long time since I last posted some of my images here. I’m trying to upload at least 5 new works every week to flickr, but recently I’ve fallen a bit behind – there’s much business stuff going on at the moment and I’ve to take care of a visiting family member, too.

But I managed to squeeze in some time here and there for some new pics in the last weeks and here they are! Enjoy.

Beijing: CCTV Monster.

This is the new CCTV building in Beijing. It was supposed to be finished before the Olympics but that didn’t work out too well. So now they try to finish it by 2009, as far as I know.

Here are some shots that I took in Parma, while visiting my sister. They are some months old, but I never got around until recently to edit the hell out of them. Parma is a nice little city, these were taken downtown. The food there, especially the bacon and cheese, are uber delicious.



Parma: Culture.

Parma: Strada del Cafe.

Parma: Orange.

My sister got a new dog just two weeks before we arrived… She’s such a cutie, so here are three images from Agatha.


Kind Eyes.


Last picture from Europe: Switzerland. We went by train from Heidelberg to Basel, then from there to the Como lake to visit my grandparents for a couple of days. Then we went from Como to Parma and stayed at my sisters for a night. Then we went by train from Parma to Bologna, then from there back north to Levico. Boy, that was a trip, and the horrible italian railway didn’t make it any better.

Fun fact: My wife got into Switzerland illegally. When changing trains at Basel, we got off at the wrong Basel station – Basel Bf, not Basel SBB – and had to enter the swiss Basel by kind of a subway. There was not passport control, of course… But when we entered Italy and they checked my wife’s passport, they were a bit pissed and told us, that they have the option to send us back now. Gladly they didn’t do it, but we decided to travel back to Germany with a train via Austria, which really is in the european union. Damn Switzerland!


And now some China images. Shanghai, of course. It’s been a really, really hot summer so far, and working without air conditioning is not possible at all. We even run the A/C at night to get a good sleep. I wonder how people without air condition survive this heat.

Shanghai: 30th floor view.

I shot above image out of a window from the 30th floor in our office building. I got the sweet Nikkor 80 – 200 millimeter lens from my grandmother, who now shoots with Canon. It’s a really good, sharp lens. Shanghaiist featured this image with the caption “The Concrete Jungle” when I released it on Yahoo’s flickr.

Shanghaian Summernight.

The full moon was really bright some days ago, I tried to capture that with a long exposure.

We Are The Night.

I titled this image “We Are The Night” because I like The Chemical Brothers’ music a lot and because XuHui really is a night-active place.


Believe it or not, this is what you see at night when you look out of my toilet window. It rocks to live in the 18th floor.

The last picture of today. I’ll just quote what I wrote on flickr for this image:

We were looking for a new apartment some months ago, and one apartment these dumbasses from a housing agency introduced to us was directly next to a future Expo site, where lots of people were bringing trash away. Needless to say, we did not want to live next to a construction site and looked for a new apartment agent directly afterwards.

Cleaning For The Shanghai Expo 2010.

And that’s it for today this week. Hope you enjoyed my newest pieces!

And let me tease you a bit: Big news coming soon. Really big. Wait for it…


iPhone Wallpaper: My Contribution.

I took personal favorites out of my 200 most popular flickr pictures and converted them into the iPhone accepted wallpaper size of 320 to 480 pixels.

Feel free to modify them or whatever, they are all with a creative commons license.

Enjoy these free iPhone wallpapers:

Rain And Advertising iPhone Wallpaper

Oriental Pearl TV Tower Shanghai China iPhone Wallpaper

Puxi iPhone Wallpaper

Night Time Is The Right Time iPhone Wallpaper

Blurred Shanghai Traffic iPhone Wallpaper

Rome Christmas Colosseum iPhone Wallpaper

Shopping Street Nanjing Lu HDR iPhone Wallpaper

HDR Tower iPhone Wallpaper

Pudong Bund iPhone Wallpaper

Hangzhou HDR Pagoda iPhone Wallpaper

Beautiful HDR Skyscrapers iPhone Wallpaper

Old Shanghai Skyscraper iPhone Wallpaper

Two Asian Brothers iPhone Wallpaper

Unfinished Business iPhone Wallpaper HDR Shanghai Pudong

Beautiful HDR Garden iPhone Wallpaper

HDR Zen iPhone Wallpaper

HDR Tea Mountain Pagoda iPhone Wallpaper

Ray Of Light On Lake iPhone Wallpaper

Forbidden City Beijing Hengdian HDR iPhone Wallpaper

Mountain Path HDR iPhone Wallpaper

Sanya Hainan Beach iPhone Wallpaper

That’s it for now. If I can ever afford an iPhone myself, I’ll probably make more.

I can’t even test them… *cry*


A walk on the wall.

Through The Wall.

Yesterday we took a day off from all that family-meeting-during-spring-festival business and took a almost two hour long walk on the famous Xi’An city wall. The Xi’An city wall surrounds completely the inner downtown area, which makes it a incredible 13.74 kilometers long. It was established in the year 582, which was the second year of the Sui dynasty and it was always repaired and kept in shape during the following dynasties (Tang, Ming), too! It has four huge gates in the north, south, west and each as well as many smaller ones in between them. Every gate has a temple-like looking watch post, but what you can see from up there during walking from one gate to the other one is even more interesting.

Luckily I took my camera and shot a lot, have a look.



The Bell.
The Bell.

Sorting The Trash.
Sorting The Trash.


Restaurant In A Corner.
Restaurant In A corner.

Poor Place.
Poor Place.

My Angel Jiajia.
My Angel Jiajia.


Endless Wall.
Endless Wall.



A Tower.
A Tower.


The Edison Chen “Sexgate”.

Edison Chen Sex Pictures

Top topic among people in the wife’s and mine age rank this spring festival: the stolen sex tape pictures from Hong Kong star Edison Chen.

So this dude is a famous singer slash actor, and bedded recently quite an impressive amount of chinese female stars (god knows how many before, the thieves probably didn’t steal all his tapes, and he probably didn’t film every girl he seduced). The tape and / or pictures were not even stolen from his apartment, no no, that’d been real easy: He handed his personal computer to a company to fix it, something must have been broken, and one of the employees there is now either sitting in Hawaii drinking Pina Coladas or he has been caught and rots in jail… Who knows?

Anyway, like every other famous dumb ass, he filmed every one of the above mentioned females in various actions: fellatio, stripping for him, erotic / pornographic posing… And of course he filmed himself too, giving them oral pleasure and whatnot.

But Hong Kong is not America and most likely this ‘incident’ wont boost his career Paris Hilton style. No, this is China, where correct behavior (kind of) still values and where such a thing might even get you killed. Quite a lot of people, if you trust rumors, are insanely angry at Edison now. He did not only sleep with a married, rising star with child (who now faces divorce), no, he also got some stars in his bedroom who really had reputation before this scandal. And their reputation was based on years of exercise and millions of Hong Kong dollars from their production companies who stood behind them.

If you really, really believe in rumors, then you might even believe that one of the production companies set out a ransom on his head. But that’s a bit far, I guess. But then again, he currently is ‘hiding mode’, as number one source says. Nobody knows if he’s in China, Hong Kong or Canada, where he seems to have a home, too. Clever from him, to release his so called ‘press conference’ on YouTube, filmed in front of a white wall.

What a mess he created, I really don’t want to be in his shoes right now…

It would take me way too long to explain every one of these women’s fame and Edison Chen, so go ahead and read into it deeper on other sources if you’d like. They made a real witch hunt out of this happening here in some chinese boulevard newspapers, analyzing the hell out of each image.

He should find out where the ‘anonymous sex tapers’ self-help group meets and join Rob Lowe, Pamela Anderson, Severina Vuckovic, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, R Kelly, Keeley Hazell, Carolyn Murphy, Tonya Harding, Fred Durst, Colin Farrell and all the other stars who stepped into the sex tape trap before him…

Oh, the pictures! I almost forgot. You probably want to see something, don’t you? Well, I wont post any pictures here, because I wont let this blog get sued… So go look somewhere else!

UPDATE 2008/02/21:

Shanghaiist is now reporting rumors too, about some big mafia dudes in Hong Kong.


Mastering Mahjong (麻將).

My wife, my parents-in-law and myself had a nice little Mahjong session just now. Real chinese Mahjong is played with 136 tiles which contain about 30 different characters, so that each one is about four times to be found in the game. Sounds a lot like Poker, doesn’t it? Wikipedia tells me that the game may have been invented 500 years before christ by a guy named Confucius, and since all the history of the world seems to come from China, this might just be true. And Poker? “English actor Joseph Crowell reported that the game was played in New Orleans in 1829″… I can really imagine how some Texas-Ranger looking dude on his horse passed by a couple of chinese migrant railway slaves and studied them playing Mahjong, only to come up with the idea of Poker later. The very first version of Poker may even have been played on self-made cards using toilet paper, who knows? But then again, did the cowboys have toilet paper in the west? Thinking about it, I can’t recall a western movie where you ever saw a cowboy take a dump, but hey, whatever. Would’ve been too much to ask Russell Crowe in 3:10 To Yuma to make more history lesson out of the movie than action. The indians probably used the scalps, no?

I am getting of the subject. So every player gets 13 tiles in the beginning, and then player after player take a new tile and drop one. The mission is, to get three similar tiles or what would be a “little road” in Poker, like 4-5-6. There are some special in-between rules, like if you have two 3’s and one player drops another one you can scream “PANG!”, take it and reveal the three 3’s. It sounds confusing and the very first rounds are tough, but once you’re in the game, it’s so much more fun than Hold ‘Em or whatever is in style now. The cool thing is that you play without a poker face, because you don’t really gamble during playing, but you set a price for the round before the game.

I lost around a dollar in one hour, but if you go to the right place in Shanghai, you can probably loose a lot more in that time. But what do the french people say? “Gambling is the son of avarice and the father of despair.” So we’ll leave it to the family table here in Xi’An…