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This miracle will end soon because the environment can no longer keep pace.

German magazine SPIEGEL has published a rather interesting interview with Pan Yue of the ministry of the environment of China. He talks quite open and honest, it seems. Read it here! It’s not that long, but still worth the time.


Top 25 Cities with skyscrapers.

German magazine “Spiegel” has published a list of 25 cities – ordered by the amount of skyscraper they have. It’s a quite interesting list and it even has some surprises. Shanghai will, of course, sooner or later rise to No. 1 – don’t worry! Here we go:

Hongkong by AP

No. 1: Hongkong, China! 7422 skyscrapers.

No. 2: New York City, USA! 5445 skyscrapers.

No. 3: Singapore! 3503 skyscrapers. 4 million people.

(Hongkong photo by Associated Press)

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