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Just great: Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

Quick recommendation of a little jewel: Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a fantastic and super funny horror comedy. My wife and I are big horror movie fans so we enjoyed the hell out of this one. It’s a great spoof / twist on the typical “college kids go camping” setup that so many horror films have. I give it 8 out of 10, highly recommended. Check out the trailer:

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil — Trailer von dreadcentral


Old Shanghai in Ang Lee’s new movie.

Lust, Caution: Old Shanghai

Lust, Caution is the new movie from Ang Lee. Most of the story seems to take place in ‘occupied Shanghai’, so I am guessing in the late 1930’s? The story is about a ‘ordinary’ girl who has to make a dude fall in love with her, then kill him. That bitch! Just kidding, the story seems way more deep than my words could ever describe it… But that’s what you would expect from a director who can turn cowboys gay, isn’t it? Anyways, there are only very few shots of old Shanghai in the movie, it must be more difficult with each day and every new skyscraper to ‘turn back time’. Most of the shots are pretty dark, which is clever, so the removing of the skyscraper-lights gets kinda easy… I know video editing, just believe me. Still, there are some day shots like in the image above. So check out the trailer if you’re into Shanghai’s history look. The trailer is, of course, available at apple.com in 25 different HD resolutions. Check it out.

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RUSH HOUR 3: Now in Europe.

Rush Hour 3

L.A., Hongkong, now Paris: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker seem to fight their way systematically through all continents. Will RUSH HOUR 4 play in Africa or Australia? Whatever may be the case, I loved the first two parts, and the trailer for the third installment looks quite alright. The story is something like this: Jackie and Chris travel to Paris and get coincidentally mixed up into the search for the baddest criminal gang on earth. Gorgeous women and insane fights once again, now in the city of love. Will the movie be fun like the first parts or a pain in the ass like third parts often are? We’ll see. For now, check out the trailer: 480P (47 megs), 720P (110 megs), 1080P (180 megs).

Pain in the ass