Creep (english review).

In the german-english production CREEP we are taken by the new Scream-Queen Franka Potente to the London subway and shown it’s monsters. The first scene in the movie shows us already, that we have to deal with something evil: In nice dark pictures we see how two workers from the canalisation get killed by something frightening that makes weird sounds. Then we get the normal cut, like always in horror movies, and we are introduced to the main character, played by Franka Potente. Kate is her name, and she seems to work for some kind of public relations agency. She tells her colleagues at a party that she’s going to club tonight where George Clooney hangs around, and that she wants to have sex with him.

To get to this club, she must use the subway though. Good for her, that shes going to catch the last train. But while waiting on it, the alcohol starts working, and so she takes a nap. After a short time she wakes up and realizes that she is now caged into the subway since all exits have been closed. But somehow suddenly another train arrives, and so she jumps in. After some seconds of driving, a male colleague shows up and wants to have sex with her right now. She doesn’t, and tries to pull him off. But he insists, but before he gets to rape her, the train brakes, a door opens and the poor guy gets pulled out. The screams of him from outside the train make it clear, that it may be something unhuman that he’s dealing with, and so Kate runs back to the subway station by feet. In the station, after searching, she finds a hidden room with a homeless couple in it.

Together with these guys, she tries to rescue her colleague and find out who’s responsible for pulling him out – there’s going to flow a lot of blood soon after…

The movie uses a lot of clichés, but they are placed very well and work anyway. One of the good things about CREEP is the atmosphere, the dark locations are already creepy. But they’re not used to the maximum and could’ve been even creepier. The music is pretty normal, nothing exeptional, and supports the camerawork. Franka Potente – love her or hate her – acts really well and is belivable as the victim. The monster is done pretty well, too, but when it finally appears on the screen, its almost shown too long. The psudo-information about the monster was unnecessary, though, and could’ve been left out, since it makes not much sense. And sometimes there’s a gag dropped in to allow you to breath for a moment.

So, the title delivers, and creep is what we get. Who can see over those small mistakes in the movie will be entertained well. The people in the screening that I was in did actually scream when the monster appeared for the first time – and that is rare. I have never heard somebody scream in a horror movie before!