Black Friday – the school shooting board game for the whole family!

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Enjoy the thrill of school in the United States – from the safety of your home!

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It’s 9:21 AM. You’re on the second floor of your school. A gun starts firing. Panic. Everyone tries to escape – but the shooter is already coming up the stairs, leaving booby traps behind him – so no one can escape that way. Will you manage to survive?





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The gameplay is a combination of various mechanics. Up to four players are on a board representing the interior of a school. There are seven rooms, varying in size and steps, as well as a hallway. The players are allowed to move in any direction they want. The direction of the enemy, the shooter, is decided by an arrow dice.

A turn is as follows: First, the active player throws both the black dice for the shooter as well as the arrow dice. This throw sets the shooter in motion, and he will travel on the path the steps in the direction thrown. Then the player throws for himself and is allowed to move his character freely. If the shooter enters a room with a player, he will open fire, unless the player has a loot crate card to escape or a similar action that will spare him the shooting. If he cannot defend himself, a shooter card is drawn. Now, the player either loses a health point or not.

As the players run to keep away from the shooter, they will step on said loot crates, which allow them to keep cards on their hand for when they need them. The cards can be played instantly, and cards from other players can overrule each other – like in Uno.

Last one standing wins!

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Please note: This fictional satire game is a statement against the NRA and gun violence at schools. It is part of a design thinking exercise during a course at a university and not to be taken seriously.


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