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Internet – who can live without? If I find something incredibly interesting, I will blog about it.

BlogBackupr: Awesome!

There’s a new web 2.0 service in town: BlogBackupr! It’s, as the name tells, a blog backup service. For free, daily backups! Currently, WordPress as well as Blogger.com are supported. All you need to do is register, put in the address of you blog and then give it the admin credentials, so it can perform backups. It’s still in the beta phase, and that has a good reason: Only text is backed up, not the theme, the plugins et cetera. But still, there are never enough backups, are there? After registering, this is the first thing you see after logging in: So the system understands what CMS you’re on and you can easily add more than one blog. If you click on export, you can download the Backup as a WP RSS, normal RSS, Text or HTML file. Nice! You can also view the backup posts: All in all, BlogBackupr is a great service. It’s great that it saves all posts, but I guess in the future, when it will be able to do even more (backup templates, wp-content, plugins, comments, …), I would even be willing to pay for it. Backups are always necessary (I got 3 different plugins […]

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CSS Text Shadow added.

I tweaked around the blog some more and decided to add a nice text-shadow to the headlines. If you’re using a 3rd-world browser, you probably wont see it though, it’s a Safari only supported CSS thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using FireFox myself for quite some years, hell, we even organized a release party for it back in, uhm, 2003? for the very first release in Heidelberg, Germany. But when digital friend Ben introduced me the Safari plugin Saft, I tried it out and sticked with it, never looking back. Safari & Saft together kick the Fox really in the nuts. It has so many features, check it out here. It costs near to nothing for all the brilliant features offered and is a must-have for serious bloggers and surfers. The thing is that Safari makes websites look so much better by using some kind of anti-aliasing on the text. If you surf a lot and read a lot it’s so much more comfortable. Anyway, back to the CSS. So how do you use the CSS declaration in your style sheet? Here are some examples. You can only read this with Safari. Above paragraph uses the following […]

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Spottt: Free Link Exchange.

Regular visitors don’t only know that I’m playing around a lot with the themes and CSS of this blog, they also probably spottted the new ad I’m running on the sidebar. It’s a new service called “Spottt” (yes, three t’s) by the guys from AdBrite. Let’s give it a try! They will, after they reviewed my blog, put ads from other blogs there. In return, my ad will show up on other blogs. It’s a bit like that BlogRush widget that is in my sidebar, too. Only smaller and hopefully with cool and funny advertisements. In a couple of days we will see what kind of impact this has – I’ll keep an eye on my Google Analytics statistics to see how many new visitors it brings. […]

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