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I am a flick addict, so I love to watch movies and shoot my own.

Moving in Shanghai – Shanghai’s biggest guerilla event ever.

Media Markt opened it’s first store in Shanghai last week, and they did it with a bang! 40 trucks drove all over the city and delivered boxes to 1.000 movers, who then walked through Shanghai, raising the attention of the opening. In the evening, there were 3D shows on the giant building on Huaihai road as well as a uncountable amount of spectators and customers. What do I have to do with all this? I was one of the camera men hired by DVP China who captured this crazy day on camera. Enjoy the video! […]

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Goodbye Shanghai – Adam Christian Clark’s award-winning short film now online!

While embezzling $14 billion from a Chinese bank for the US government, two Western bankers grab $15 million in cash for themselves. They store it in an upright bass case and wander the streets of Shanghai, waiting for their morning departure. When the more experienced of the two insists they spend their last night partying in a local club, the night takes a wild turn. Goodbye Shanghai explores the negative effects of Western imperialism on modern Chinese culture. Being the assistant director on this short, it’s my pleasure to be finally able to share it with the world. Enjoy! […]

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SHANGHAI — September 27th 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The new full-length trailer for MK Media Productions’ highly anticipated motion picture Shangdown: The Way Of The Spur debuted today. Shangdown: The Way Of The Spur, starring Christian Bachini and The Way Of The Dragon’s famous villain Jon T. Benn, and directed by Jakob Montrasio, pays homage to the violent and gritty Spaghetti Western genre while adding an Asian twist. The movie follows Italian cowboy and martial artist Guerino (Christian Bachini) as he searches for his missing sister in a culturally alien Shanghai. With the help of Jiekai (Daddy Chang), a Chinese man whose girlfriend has also gone missing, Guerino wages a one-man war against Shanghai’s biggest crime lord and his multitude of goons, following his one and only rule: kick first and ask questions later. Shot on location in and around Shanghai, China, the film blends a variety of genres. “I call it a martial arts spaghetti western, or even simpler, an eastern western,” said director Jakob Montrasio, who also wrote, shot and edited the movie. Using no wires and digital effects, the action scenes – choreographed by lead actor Christian Bachini – will impress martial arts fans like no other film […]

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Babymatic: Emily Fan Montrasio

A babymatic of our daughter Emily Fan Montrasio. She was born in cold January 2010 in Shanghai, China, with a weight of 2750 grams and a length of 48 centimeter. A babymatic is a cinematic baby short film. If Vimeo is slow for you, try YouTube: If you are in China, you can see it on Tudou: […]

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“Nuit Blanche”

Once or twice per year I stumble upon a video or a film that captures me with it’s magic, that inspires me, that makes me want to become a filmmaker. Nuit Blanche is such a video. I am speechless. This short deserves awards, lots of them. It’s perfectly smooth, everything about it is done well (the lighting! the costumes! the actors!) and it gives me goosebumps even the fourth time I watch it. Well done, Mister Arev Manoukian, well done. Update: The Making Of. Now I’m even more blown away. Holy shit is this well produced. […]

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A Helping Hand – Cinematography Cut.

a helping hand from MK Media Productions on Vimeo. omo supports since 15 years a charity organization which helps handicapped widows in the countryside. this video shows their efforts, as the charity organization helps a mother who is unable to help her child. shot for omo / unilever via ogilvy shanghai. this is the ‘cinematography cut’, if you will. the original two minute version can be found here. directed by drago lazetich. shot and edited by jakob montrasio. music borrowed from requiem for a dream. […]

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