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I am a flick addict, so I love to watch movies and shoot my own.

My Cinematography Showreel 2009.

I finally finished editing my showreel, now that I’m back from New York. I shot some stuff from the exhibition there for the reel. Actually, there’s no need to talk about what’s in it, just watch it! Jakob Montrasio :: Cinematography Showreel 2009 My works from the last couple of months :: Enjoy. Contact me :: montrasio@gmail.com Skype :: jakob.montrasio LinkedIn :: Facebook Links to the individual videos seen in the showreel: Jewelz & Charlie – Spacer Woman 2009 (Video Edit) :: http://vimeo.com/5198175 SHANGHAI. For the New York Skyscraper Museum :: http://vimeo.com/4591644 Shanghai Sideways: On a Changjiang Motor Bike! :: http://vimeo.com/3569937 Wedding in Shanghai, China – MK Media Sample :: http://vimeo.com/2686409 Father John: Zhapu Road Test :: http://vimeo.com/4308283 Eunice Martins in Shanghai :: http://vimeo.com/4845555 […]

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Pictures from the opening of the China Prophecy: Shanghai exhibition in the New York Skyscraper Museum.

On June 24 2009, The Skyscraper Museum in New York City opened China Prophecy: Shanghai, a multi-media exhibition that examines Shanghai’s evolving identity as a skyscraper metropolis. Featuring models of the major iconic structures, including Jin Mao, Tomorrow Square, Shanghai World Financial Center, and the new super-tall Shanghai Tower, as well as computer animations, film, drawings, and historic and contemporary photography of the city, the exhibition combines an in-depth look at the new generation of towers with an overview of the sweeping transformation of the city’s traditional low-rise landscape into a city of towers. China Prophecy: Shanghai, which runs through March 2010, concludes the Museum’s three-show series FUTURE CITY: 20 | 21 that has examined parallels in the rapid urbanization of New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Shanghai today is a vast metropolis of 18 million residents–the largest city in the world’s most populous nation. In just three decades, its population has nearly doubled, and the city has been physically transformed by the twin emblems of modernity–high-rises and highways. Formerly a horizontal expanse of dense and sprawling lilong neighborhoods, Shanghai has grown vertically. Nearly 400 high-rises of twenty stories or more were built in […]

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Sex And The City: The Movie or How To Destroy 6 Seasons in 148 Minutes.

Marriage makes you do things you never thought you’d do. Like watching TV series such as Sex And The City or Desperate Housewives. But, as it is normal in a relationship, you compromise. My wife watches testosterone filled action movies with me every once in a while and I watch female movies that make me want to rip my eyes and ears out in return. But I’d be lying if I’d say that I didn’t enjoy Sex And The City. 10 minutes or so into the first episode of the very first season, I was tempted to stand up and throw myself out of the window. But as we continued with the second and third episode, I slowly started to like it and to got rid of my hate. If you look over the boring fashion stuff in the series – as a man, of course – it’s quite an interesting show with more and more deep characters. And you can learn oh so much about women, seriously, it’s helpful. Over the seasons, all the characters are faced with realistic problems and their friendship gets them through it. While it’s sometimes too american with all the emotions and stuff, it […]

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