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It’s Always Sunny With Emily

Emily… My little girl. Growing so fast. You got into first grade three weeks ago! I knew this day was coming. Started recording the fun times we had exactly a year ago. All the fun times we had together, leading up to your first school year. In Italy, Germany, in summer, in winter. We love swimming, we love the snow. With family, with friends, or just the two of us. Thank you for all the sunshine, my love. To the next six years! Background for It’s Always Sunny With Emily Emily started going to chool this year, and I wanted to create a snapshot of her last year in freedom in form of a video. So I started shooting all the fun activities we had and edited them into this time capsule motion document that you can see here. I may be going a bit over the top here, but school does change everything and takes her from childhood via teenage into adulthood. Things will never be the same again. I love my daughter and wish her the best life she can have. We went to the Alps, Livigno, where Emily had her first and second ski lessons. She got really […]

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