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Cabin Fever.

Okay, also diese eMail habe ich an Harry Knowles von Aint It Cool News geschickt, um dort so vielleicht auch mal was veröffentlicht zu bekommen… Ist in english, sorry! Hello! Yesterday Cabin Fever was screened here in the 17th Fantasy Filmfest, so I went to see it. It starts like zillions of other horror movies, five pupils rent a cabin to make a hollyday there. Then the horror begins, nothing new here ;) Well, what do you want to hear? The trailer tells you already that there is a fever, and it catches one of girls. Then the other freak out, put her away, and try to get help. Too bad that they smashed their car up bad when some bloody guy and asked for help. Cause they wouldnt help, so he tried to grab their truck and they started shooting at him in the truck and hit him with baseball bats. That scene was the moment where the movie decided to be yet another horror flick, I mean NOBODY would have done that, not even some sicko big city kids. I saw another movie here at the Filmfest which was from Denmark and was called MIDSOMMER, now THAT movie […]

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